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About Pro Strategy Consulting

PSC – young company with full Romanian private capital, offers complete book-keeping services, professional valuation, financial tax consulting.
Member of CECCAR, CCF, CAFR the company is oriented towards development of collaboration with small and middle enterprises.

The firm has liability  and professional insurance.
The rates (tariffs) are situated at a medium level comparative with the same kind of companies but quality price ratio is one of the best.

The organization has customers with important activities in different domains like: auto spare-parts production, transport services, tourism, chemical substances, food and non food trade, real estate, photo, medical services, video, IT, consulting, advertising, building industry, import and export.

– representation in case of control from the Exchequer and Labor Inspectoral Authority;
– covering by contractual liability;
– preparing financial reports for credit and leasing;
– the customers are informed in due time about the latest up to date legislation news connecting with specific matters;
– our clients have access to our entire great experience concerning solutions of economic problems

– chronologically accounting records (including primary records);
– drawing up sales and purchase journal, VAT payment or return;
– drawing up payrolls and their connecting taxes;
– drawing up day book and monthly balance;
– fixing monthly and trimestrial payment obligations, elaboration the documents for their payment;
– drawing up and depositing taxes statement, balance sheet, pay slips;
– drawing up income and expenses budgets;
– financial and management accounting;
– other required financial reports;
– taxes and financial accounting legislation consulting;
– auditing (examination of accounts);
– obtaining taxes certificates, finding certificates;
– drawing up checking with Financial Administration (Fiscal Administration/Tax Office);
– establishing companies etc.

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